Excerpt from Chapter 1 – “The Before Relationship Preparation”

Published November 26, 2016

What a Man Really Wants to Say About Relationships | J. Riggins

Excerpt from Chapter 1 – “The Before Relationship Preparation”:

Intro: When did relationships begin? Well, I believe in God,
so of course I will tell you that the first couple was Adam
and Eve. Unfortunately, the first couple known to man experienced
a major setback because they simply did not listen. The
problems within this union arose by Adam eating a forbidden
apple because his woman told him to. Even after they were told
by God not to eat the forbidden fruit, they still did. Although the
serpent was the one that told Eve to bite the forbidden fruit, she
still fell victim to listening to someone else that did not have her
best interests in mind (Can you relate?). She also convinced her
husband to bite the forbidden fruit as well.