Excerpt from Chapter 3 – “How to get the right girl”

Published December 2, 2016

What a Man Really Wants to Say About Relationships | J. Riggins

Excerpt from Chapter 3 – “How to get the right girl”:

Fellas, this is all about you! I know in a few of my chapters
it seems like I am only talking to the women but I haven’t
forgotten about you. Just know that the advice that I am giving
women will benefit you as well. Having gone through good and
bad relationships, I felt like I owe my readers an explanation as to
why, and I wanted the women to know it’s not always the man’s
fault when it comes to failed relationships. I also felt like I owed
women specific advice from a man’s point of view of what to do or
not to do in a relationship. I owe my male readers an explanation
of the mistakes I have made in past relationships, and how they
can avoid them.