Excerpt from Chapter 5 – “Friends Advice and Influences”

Published December 8, 2016

What a Man Really Wants to Say About Relationships | J. Riggins

Excerpt from Chapter 5 – “Friends Advice and Influences”:

There is a saying ‘keep your friends close, but keep your
enemies closer’. There are some situations where your
friends might be just as sneaky and vindictive as your enemies, so
you may want to keep them closer. When it comes to relationships
there is a fine line between a little friendly interaction and
being messy. Even though this chapter is similar to the previous
chapter, it is not just about how friends’ advice can interfere with
your relationship, but how their involvement can interfere as
well. See, when it comes to friends, they not only want to give
you advice, but sometimes they actually become a part of your
relationship. What I mean is, if your spouse or significant other
has a really close friend that is always around, at some point they
may step over their boundaries. For example, if a man and his
woman are arguing and the woman’s girlfriend is sitting there listening,
she might decide to step in. One of two things will happen,
and that is she would either be asked to leave, or the woman
would not say a word and let her interfere. I am not saying every
woman does this, and this scenario applies to men as well. The
only difference in this scenario is men sometimes are less emotional
and may wait until they get into the car to say something to
their friend. Some women, on the other hand, will not make it to
the car before they dive into the relationship abyss. Either way,
being involved in someone’s relationship that is not your own has
its consequences.