Excerpt from Chapter 9 – “Women Who Cheat”

Published December 20, 2016

What a Man Really Wants to Say About Relationships | J. Riggins

Excerpt from Chapter 9 – “Women Who Cheat”:

As you can tell throughout this book, I am not a woman,
obviously, but I was raised by women. I’ve also had several
encounters with women, whether working with them, friends
with them or in a relationship with them. My relationships,
friendships, marriage, divorce; marriage again, gives me enough
evidence and facts as to why women cheat. I know a lot of you
women are saying to yourselves, ‘How in the heck do you know
why a woman cheats?’ Let me see… I am very observant and most
importantly, I did my research and asked. So, I do believe that I
have enough information to write this chapter and be spot on.
For all of you women that read this, you are more than welcome
to either deny or agree, but hopefully my male readers will find
some insight.