Excerpt from Chapter 10 – “Wanting Something for Nothing”

Published December 23, 2016

What a Man Really Wants to Say About Relationships | J. Riggins

Excerpt from Chapter 10 – “Wanting Something for Nothing”:

This chapter is dedicated to all of those men or women that
enter a relationship expecting to be taken care of forever
and ever like a fairy tale without working or contributing to the
relationship. Contributing could be cooking, paying bills, taking
care of the kids, etc. In some relationships the responsibilities will
never be 50/50, but if it is 70/30 there should be a good reason for
the offset. When anyone starts a new relationship, it should be for
the reason of wanting a union. A union by my definition, not
Webster’s, is a group of individuals that COLLECTIVELY share
the same common goals and contribute the same amount of effort
to the relationship. The same amount of effort does not necessarily
include monetary means (money), but effort to make the
relationship a success. This chapter is for anyone that gets in a
relationship and expects the other to take care of them.